June 1, 2008

Learning How To Do This Blogging Thing

People have started blogging from couple of years ago. Dan gue? Just now! Hahaha... Kali ini bukan karena males ketika semua orang beramai-ramai blogging dan lantas gue jadi anti blogging. Nope. The thing is, I already have many social networking site which I can also do such a thing like blogging in those sites; Multiply, MySpace, Friendster... Bahkan, gue sampai harus memisahkan; where do I put the poems, where do I put the so-called daily notes, and also the reviews and stuff.

Nah, I bet you wanna know why finally did I make this one. Jawabannya adalah; now I work for Musikator.com, an Indonesian music directory portal. Formatnya ya kurang lebih seperti ini. Actually, Robin had taught me how to upload the articles. But I forgot already. And it made me confused. Shitty. Ya, makanya... Terjadilah blog ini. Oya. Sebelumnya, barusan aja gue juga bikinin account blog buat si Brutus. So, here I go.

Selamat mengikuti gue belajar blogging. Hehehe :D

Photo: Ade Putri in Susie Hedijanto, make up by QQ Franky, taken by Davy Linggar

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