June 23, 2008

Puzzling Puzzled Puzzles

This is the puzzle of M.C. Escher that I got from dad a few years ago. One of my favorite. Well, in fact, ya, I do love puzzles. Any kind of puzzles. I'm addicted to puzzles, to solve all of 'em. So, dudes and dudettes, if you used to find troubles in getting me a present, I think you won't anymore. You know what to get now, don't you? ;D

Oh, check this one out too; M.C. Escher!

Picture: scanned of my own puzzle

Life's Too Short...

... for the wrong job!

And... Si, they're damn rite.

All pictures are taken from JobsInTown.

June 18, 2008


She was just a tiny filthy kitten.

But as time goes by, she has grown to be a very beautiful cat. My lovely one.

Chili <<< Kool name from mommy.
Regina Chili Cahyati <<< Corny full name from his 'dad'.

*all were snapped by myself

Poppies Lane II

Where are Kuzz, Pablo and Jerink?

Both were taken for Superman Is Dead's "Bad Bad Bad" sleeve CD cover.
Love the looks and setting. Taken in 2002.

Jerink, Dade, Jewel & Chantal at the ol' Suicide Glam store in Poppies.
There were still the Twice CD Shop!

L to R: Dethu, Yenny & Nyoman Bond-Neng

Sadix. Now he has become the bar's manager!

Devildice. Back in early 2004.

Poppies Lane II is where I spend the most of my time when I'm in Bali. Back in 2002, it was all - of course - different. Now they've built many buildings, and there are so many nice stores and nice cafes as well. Changes in good, as always. But I still sometimes miss the old Twice Bar. Or maybe, just the old moments, eh? :D

Eh, take a look at the snap of the new look of Twice Bar. Beautiful, ja?

*some pictures were taken by me, some are just my collection from the ol' days, and the 2 newest snaps were from Dex

June 16, 2008

Do Some Fun at Dufan

These snaps were taken July 21, 2007 at Dunia Fantasi. This amusement park is located in Ancol, Jakarta. I love Dufan. I love amusement park. But the sad thing is, I don't really have any friends that would go there with me like once a month or something. Haha. Don't know, maybe it's just me who's being too childish - still loving these kinda things. Oh, you're asking about those moment we took? Well, actually, my friends wanted to go to Dufan so they could take lotsa snaps of us in a very colorful background. Yea. Just that. We had a good times, of course. But, more photo session than playing! Hahaha... (Pssst. You can check the other snaps in here and there...)

Oh, ya. By the way, it has become my dream since I was a kid to go to Disneyland. Even when, someday, I'm old already, I still wanna ride some jet coaster! And, yea, whatever that makes my adrenaline pumped, of course! :D

*Some photos are taken by Tria, some by Michele, and some by myself*

June 9, 2008

Crystall Ball

So, a few months ago, a friend of mine posted the link to a mailing list. I clicked on it, and saw this application very interesting. I couldn't understand how the thing worked, so it amazed me for a few months. I also sent the link to Brutus to amaze him. And, yea, it works. Until one day when I learn how the thing worked and I finally found out that it was just a very easy trick.

I was actually proud to found out the trick. But on the other hand, I'm kinda disappointed that now I don't have anything to play during my boring times at home :( *

Uh, you wanna try? Click here.
Believe me, it's fun. Yea, it is. Don't ever try to find out the trick. Just enjoy the game.


I've read this comic since I was about 5 or so. That's how I get my ability to do conversation in English. So, if you think my English sucks, go blame 'em ;)

And, oh... I like Jughead. He's the silliest, yet the funniest. I hate Archie. And Reggie, too. Both aren't cool at all.

Picture stolen from here.

June 6, 2008

Turning Your Mood

Sometimes a song can turns the mood, either up nor down. I just listened to this song "Somewhere Over The Rainbow" and "What A Wonderful World". Both are sung by Israel Kamakawiwo'ole. And, uhm, I'm not sure how I feel right now. I feel blue, probably. But on the other hand, I feel good as well.

Ah, whatever. Never mind how I feel. Watch the video and see whether it has turned your mood or not. Either up, nor down - as I said before.

Pets at the Workshop

These are (from L to R) Pate, Muli, Chili and Lala.

And this is Nannette.

They live at KickAss Choppers' workshop. Aren't they so gorgeous 'n adorable? :)
Nannette is the oldest amongst all. And then Vero had this silly hyperactive fun white puddle toy named Lala, which actually has a full name Lala von Henderson.

May 1, 2007. Vero saw this ugly kitten in front of my house, eating stuff from my garbage. She was so tiny and filthy. But when we called her, she wasn't scared of us at all. She jumped into the car, and... so, she's ours since then. I gave her the name: Chili. But later on Vero added some corny full name for her. It's Regina Chili Cahyati. Looks so much like a dangdut singer's name, eh? ;p Before this, he also gave full name to Nannette; it's Cantika Nannetta Albana. *lol* Can you ever imagine how could he gives such a name like those?

And then, a few months ago, on April 20, 2008, Yasha - a friend of mine - invited us to come to his house to adopt some of the 2 or 3 months old kittens that he just had. Actually we (Vero & I) were about going to pick 1 kitten. But we saw these naughty kittens couple were playing around in the cage. Jumped here and there, looked so naughty yet playful. So we decided to took these 2 out of the 4 kittens in the cage. Apparently they were a couple; male & female. Nice. So, Muli (it comes from Metal Mulisha - her full name! And this time, I was the one who gave the name. Hehehe...) is the name for the female, and Pate is the male.

Take a look at the first snap. Pate, Muli, Chili & Lala were eating together. And... You know what the best part is? They were eating the same meal! It was a cat food!!! Yea. Lala did that. She loves to eat cat food. I think she's confused because she rarely meets another dog. So, somehow I think that she thinks she's a cat! Weirdo. She plays much with the other 3 as well.

The sad thing is, that we had to separate them from Nannette. Nannette is the oldest one. She's jealous that Vero has these others and that he has to play with them too. Seems that Nannette wants her to be the one and only like what happened back then before there comes Chili, Pate and Muli. So, whenever she had a chance to be in the same room with the 3 others, she will give her best punch and jab over them. Mamamia mafioso!

Ah, enough story so far, ya?

Oh. Have I introduce myself, by the way?
My name is Ade Putri. I used to hate cats, so much. Until less than 2 years ago when I met this Nannette lady.

Nice to meet you all.

PS: Please also check their Catster & Dogster pages...

June 5, 2008

Q & A

I got the game from Adia's Multiply page. Looks pretty fun. So... Well, here I go :)

Here are the rules:
1. Answer the questions below.
2. Take each answer and type it into Google.
3. Take a picture from the first page of results and post.
4. You can't copy the answers of the person who posted this before you.


1. Your age

... you can read, can't you?

2. Your favorite place

Sanur Beach, Bali

3. Your favorite movie

Still, the best horror movie I've ever watched!

4. Your favorite drink


5. Your favorite color

Red. Black. White.

6. Your favorite season


7. Your favorite smell

Veroland - undoubtedly! :D

8. A place you would like to visit

Bora Bora! Bora Bora! Bora Bora!

9.The town in which you live

Jakarta the mad capital city

10. Your favorite scent

L'eau par Kenzo

June 3, 2008


Ouch! It wasn't a misspelled, I believe. How do you call it? Misunderstanding? *lol*
Nah... Below this is the misspelled one;

Hehehe... I took the snap a few years ago at Ngurah Rai airport in Bali. An international airport. No, I'm not kiddin' you. Ha!

Maximum Rock 'N Roll Monarchy I

1. Roy "Dji Hard"
2. Sadix "Daddy-O-Dice"
3. Memet
4. Tut Sampi
5. Jerinx
6. Kadek Pablo a.k.a. Kadek Bintang
7. Dewa Oscar
8. Eric Tattoo
9. Gus Cobar
10. Unsolved! :D

*Picture taken from Roy's post in Suicide Glam mailing list, April 2008*

June 2, 2008

Teasing Teaser

It's just a teaser, indeed. But you gotta admit it, it's teasing... Right? Hahaha... Sure, that's why we call it 'teaser'!

I've watched it hundreds of times. Still, I love it. And still, it makes me laugh. I also posted this trailer video in You Tube, KickAss Choppers' site and in some pages in Facebook. Just search for it.

June 1, 2008

Learning How To Do This Blogging Thing

People have started blogging from couple of years ago. Dan gue? Just now! Hahaha... Kali ini bukan karena males ketika semua orang beramai-ramai blogging dan lantas gue jadi anti blogging. Nope. The thing is, I already have many social networking site which I can also do such a thing like blogging in those sites; Multiply, MySpace, Friendster... Bahkan, gue sampai harus memisahkan; where do I put the poems, where do I put the so-called daily notes, and also the reviews and stuff.

Nah, I bet you wanna know why finally did I make this one. Jawabannya adalah; now I work for Musikator.com, an Indonesian music directory portal. Formatnya ya kurang lebih seperti ini. Actually, Robin had taught me how to upload the articles. But I forgot already. And it made me confused. Shitty. Ya, makanya... Terjadilah blog ini. Oya. Sebelumnya, barusan aja gue juga bikinin account blog buat si Brutus. So, here I go.

Selamat mengikuti gue belajar blogging. Hehehe :D

Photo: Ade Putri in Susie Hedijanto, make up by QQ Franky, taken by Davy Linggar

Li Yen

Cuisine: Chinese
Location:Jl. Asemka Raya No. 168A, Kota, Jakarta Barat 11110. Phone: (021) 6930108, 6930208 / Fax. (021) 6930189

Berbasis referensi dari buku Kuliner Jalan Sutra edisi #2 (Pesta Bebek) yang mengatakan bahwa bebek panggangnya mengalahkan bebek panggang Imperial Chef / Duck King, ahem… Maka berangkatlah saya untuk mencari pembuktian. Sebelumnya, saya dan Brutus memang sempat memasukkan nama Li Yen dalam list “Kapan-Kapan” kami. Dan ini hanya karena tergiur penampakan sederet bebek panggang yang terpampang di etalase depan Li Yen. Akhirnya, selalu saja terlewatkan. Bagaimana tidak? Di daerah Gloria Glodok sana, banyak juga “godaan” lain.

Memasuki pintu, kami disambut oleh seorang waiter dan seorang lagi waitress. Waitress inilah yang lantas menuntun kami ke meja. Meja bundar dengan tamplak plastik warna merah jambu. Chinese banget. Mengingatkan saya pada dekorasi RM Halim atau RM Adam di Surabaya, langganan almarhum Kakek saya semasa hidupnya. Nuansanya kurang lebih sama. Di sini, malah ada pula TV yang memasang DVD karaoke lagu Tionghoa. Pol.

¼ Bebek Panggang (55K)
Tadinya kami mau memesan setengah ekor. Tapi si ibu waitress ini malah menyarankan untuk memesan ¼ ekor saja. Cukup untuk 2 orang, ujarnya. “Hm, okelah,” pikir saya, “Sebagai kunjungan perdana, mari menjadikan kunjungan kali ini sebagai acara mencicipi. Artinya; pesan menu lain juga untuk dicoba.” Bebek panggang datang paling awal setelah pickles, kacang telur dan sambal – tentunya. Saya baru ingat, “Damn. Lupa, harusnya tadi bilang kalau mau pesan bagian dada.” Datangnya paha. Saya lebih menyukai bebek bagian dada. Dagingnya lebih tebal, teksturnya juga tidak alot seperti pada bagian paha. Lapisan lemak di bawah kulitnya juga cenderung lebih sedikit dan tipis. Tapi ternyata, Bebek Panggang yang datang ini, walaupun bagian paha, tapi sama sekali tidak alot. Lapisan lemak di bawah kulit pun tipis. Dan yang paling nendang adalah ketika saya merasakan daging bebeknya yang sangat moist. Lembut sekali. Melumer di lidah saya dengan sempurna. Condiment yang mereka provide, adalah dipping sauce berwarna putih butek dengan citarasa asam dan sedikit pedas. Saya lantas meminta tambahan hoisin sauce. Bukan, bukan buat saya. Melainkan buat Brutus. He really likes to dip the duck meat to this brown coloured sauce. Saya sendiri, lebih senang merasakan versi original-nya. Hm. Akhirnya, saya pun berani ikut menobatkan Bebek Panggang Li Yen sebagai "The Best Roast Duck In Town".

Udang Kecil Telur Asin – Uk. S (66K)
Datang dalam porsi yang terhitung besar, ternyata udangnya pun nggak sekecil yang saya pikir sebelumnya. They’re quite big, actually. Crispy sekali, dan dibalut oleh adonan telur asin yang melimpah, rasanya memang juara banget. Kulit udang yang tidak dikupas sama sekali, membuat aroma udang tetap kuat sehingga tidak terkalahkan oleh kuatnya rasa merah telur asin. Tapi tentu saja, cukup merepotkan karena harus mengupasnya lagi. Enak. Tapi, maaf, masih belum bisa mengalahkan sang juara, Udang Telur Asin di Din Tai Fung.

Nasi Goreng Yang Chou – Uk. S (40K)
Porsi ukuran small ini juga terhitung besar. Owkay. Saya jadi menyimpulkan bahwa size small di Li Yen berarti bisa untuk 3 orang. Nasi Goreng Yang Chow ini hadir dengan perbandingan nasi dan isinya yaitu 1:1. Udang, babi dan kacang polongnya banyak sekali. Rasanya pun enak. Standar nasi goreng Chinese; tidak terlalu banyak bumbu. Hasilnya? Tidak memberatkan mulut ketika harus dipadukan dengan sejumlah lauk lainnya.

Pickle (6K)
Nah, ini dia yang tadi hadir duluan; acar timur, kacang telur dan sambal. Ternyata ditagih juga, walaupun yang kami makan hanya kacang telurnya.

ADE-licious-o-meter (from 0 to 5 level):
Taste: 9 of 10
Food Presentation: 8 of 10
Service: 8.5 of 10
Hygienic Level: 9 of 10

Selain pickles, kami juga dibebani 10% tax. That’s all. Will we ever come back here again? Definitely. Bebek lagi, bebek lagi!

*List “Kapan-Kapan”: Setiap kali kami melewati suatu tempat yang tempting, saya akan berujar, “Kapan-kapan makan di situ yuk!”. Tapi, saya tidak pernah mencatatnya. Dan saya adalah satu dari 100 Orang Paling Pelupa Di Dunia. Walhasil, saya selalu lupa, “Apa saja ya yang ada di list kapan-kapan itu?”