September 26, 2008

Cynical Ads

Some cynical ads I received from a friend through e-mail. If you live in Indonesia, you must have known that these ads based on idea of a very well known cigarette's ads.

The first one, "Tanya Kenapa", taken from A-Mild's. The second one, "Enjoy Aja", taken from L.A. Light's. And the last one, "Nggak ada loe, nggak rame!" is from Sampoerna Hijau. These ads above are hilarious, in a very cynical way. I like it, tho'. Witty!

September 24, 2008

Mini Golf

It was Saturday evening. We, my Brutus and I, were cruisin' with lovely Truckenstein when he suddenly had an idea to take me to Putt-Putt Mini Golf. Located in the area of Gelora Bung Karno, Senayan, I've known this place for ages but never come, even once. I don't even know what is the purpose of playing mini golf. Fun? I don't even think that golf is fun. And, this... Mini golf? Fukk the what.

We went to Putt-Putt.

That was my first time. But seems like Brutus has come to this place a few times. We had to pay 25K per-1 person (adult), including a bottle of softdrink.

It seems easy; like a 3 years old kids kinda game. But the fact is, what you see is not always what you'll get. It needs you - errr, me! - to give an extra attention for this game, too. So, I think we stayed there for about an hour. An hour full of fun. Had a totally good time. Thanks, Brutus! Mimi opyuw!

Picture: scanned from the original score card I got from Putt-Putt :)

September 23, 2008

Handwriting Letters

My mom came into my room yesterday morning and gave me an envelope. Apparently it's a letter that I wrote to my older sister, Lia, back in January 1984; 24 years ago. I laughed to see it's written that I gave her 200 rupiah. I believe I gave that as 'uang jajan' for her. Sweet, eh?

I suddenly realized that I do love writing letters. I'm still keeping some boxes which have letters in it. I wrote letters to some of my class mates, school mates, and even my best friend's cousin. And when I graduate high school, I still wrote my ex school mates letters. Hand writing ones. But most of them doesn't like to write me back. They usually call me soon as they got the letter.

Nowadays, I never write handwriting letters anymore. I write any message through e-mail. It's simple, cheap, and easy. But if I have a chance, yea, I'd love to write some, again. Oh, my handwriting is much better now, for sure :)

Picture: scanned from the original letter

September 7, 2008

Spoiled Lady Drivah

Lately I've been spoiled by Brutus. He's been letting me drive some kool rides.

First was Tarantula, the '34 Ford. I dunno what the type exactly. It's a roadster. More info about the specs, you can ask him anytime. More info about the feels, ask me!

And then I also got the chance to drive Raymond's 1948 Ford F1, twice. First time was last Sunday, from Raymond's crib to the workshop. And then, last night. Brutus and I went to Plaza Senayan to watch a movie. And he offered me to drive the car. The car is kool. I bet many people loves it as much as I do (still I love the Tarantula more, for sure!). It is for sale now. More info about the price and specs, as you knew, again, you can ask him anytime. More info about the feels, ha... Ask me!

If only this is not Jakarta, I'm pretty sure I'll enjoy cruisin' with those gorgies more!

1st & 3rd pix snapped by Brutus. 2nd & 4th snapped by me.

*Gorgies? Yea, I just made the word up. Urban-diction for the word "gorgeous". Plural ones. Hehe :D