June 6, 2008

Pets at the Workshop

These are (from L to R) Pate, Muli, Chili and Lala.

And this is Nannette.

They live at KickAss Choppers' workshop. Aren't they so gorgeous 'n adorable? :)
Nannette is the oldest amongst all. And then Vero had this silly hyperactive fun white puddle toy named Lala, which actually has a full name Lala von Henderson.

May 1, 2007. Vero saw this ugly kitten in front of my house, eating stuff from my garbage. She was so tiny and filthy. But when we called her, she wasn't scared of us at all. She jumped into the car, and... so, she's ours since then. I gave her the name: Chili. But later on Vero added some corny full name for her. It's Regina Chili Cahyati. Looks so much like a dangdut singer's name, eh? ;p Before this, he also gave full name to Nannette; it's Cantika Nannetta Albana. *lol* Can you ever imagine how could he gives such a name like those?

And then, a few months ago, on April 20, 2008, Yasha - a friend of mine - invited us to come to his house to adopt some of the 2 or 3 months old kittens that he just had. Actually we (Vero & I) were about going to pick 1 kitten. But we saw these naughty kittens couple were playing around in the cage. Jumped here and there, looked so naughty yet playful. So we decided to took these 2 out of the 4 kittens in the cage. Apparently they were a couple; male & female. Nice. So, Muli (it comes from Metal Mulisha - her full name! And this time, I was the one who gave the name. Hehehe...) is the name for the female, and Pate is the male.

Take a look at the first snap. Pate, Muli, Chili & Lala were eating together. And... You know what the best part is? They were eating the same meal! It was a cat food!!! Yea. Lala did that. She loves to eat cat food. I think she's confused because she rarely meets another dog. So, somehow I think that she thinks she's a cat! Weirdo. She plays much with the other 3 as well.

The sad thing is, that we had to separate them from Nannette. Nannette is the oldest one. She's jealous that Vero has these others and that he has to play with them too. Seems that Nannette wants her to be the one and only like what happened back then before there comes Chili, Pate and Muli. So, whenever she had a chance to be in the same room with the 3 others, she will give her best punch and jab over them. Mamamia mafioso!

Ah, enough story so far, ya?

Oh. Have I introduce myself, by the way?
My name is Ade Putri. I used to hate cats, so much. Until less than 2 years ago when I met this Nannette lady.

Nice to meet you all.

PS: Please also check their Catster & Dogster pages...

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