September 24, 2008

Mini Golf

It was Saturday evening. We, my Brutus and I, were cruisin' with lovely Truckenstein when he suddenly had an idea to take me to Putt-Putt Mini Golf. Located in the area of Gelora Bung Karno, Senayan, I've known this place for ages but never come, even once. I don't even know what is the purpose of playing mini golf. Fun? I don't even think that golf is fun. And, this... Mini golf? Fukk the what.

We went to Putt-Putt.

That was my first time. But seems like Brutus has come to this place a few times. We had to pay 25K per-1 person (adult), including a bottle of softdrink.

It seems easy; like a 3 years old kids kinda game. But the fact is, what you see is not always what you'll get. It needs you - errr, me! - to give an extra attention for this game, too. So, I think we stayed there for about an hour. An hour full of fun. Had a totally good time. Thanks, Brutus! Mimi opyuw!

Picture: scanned from the original score card I got from Putt-Putt :)


Veroland said...


Ade Putri said...

Sure. Why not? The question is; are you READY? ;D

Veroland said...

You're on...this weekend!