June 10, 2009



A psychedelic grunge band from Bali.

They are Robi [vocal], Dankie [guitar], Made [bass] and Gembul [drums]. Navicula was under management of Glampunkabilly Inferno - an artist management I used to work for. But the so-called management had closed down, and thank those grunge gods, Navicula had found another great manager. And since then, Navicula has shown a really great progress.

Navicula's lyrics are mostly about environment. Earthy stuff. Socials. Nice ones. And, dudes... You should see their performance! It's so energetic. They also always play tight, yet soulfully.

Last but not least, you should see their album artworks. They are all fabulous!!!
To get to know 'em better, check out their official website; www.naviculamusic.com
Come to their 6th album's launching. Check the details in the pic. Grunge on!

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