December 28, 2009


These pictures above were taken in April 1st, 2009. I snapped the glass right after my 11 years old son tried hard a few minutes to concentrate to make the glass pose for us :) He didn't use anything. Didn't even touch the glass. But since then he never tried to do the same thing anymore. Dunno why.

Now I wonder;
  1. Was it magic, or was it just a coincident?
  2. Is my son into magic, or he wants to be more serious in world of gastronome and cooking? (FYI, he cooks very nice foods and he likes to do experiments with ingredients)
By the way, I want you to meet my (now is) 12 years old son named Putra Ammal Dewandra. You can call him Ammal or Kakak instead. He's the sweetest son in the world, ever. I will tell you why, later. Check on him on his Facebook page.

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syaid said...

The leaning campina glass..

this should be at the record book