February 21, 2011

Bad Day. Sad One.

Yesterday; Sunday, February 20, 2011, was really a BIG DAY for our family.

Started at the morning where my brother Dimas (standing, 2nd from the right) propose his girlfriend Dewi, to marry him. Yes, so he's officially engaged since then. It was a simple ceremony; fun and full of laugh. Finished around 1pm, and then I went home to my Mom's place. Just right when I arrived, Mom called. She said she had to go to Cinere Hospital because my aunt, Tante Elta (sit, 2nd from the right) wasn't in a good condition so she decided to see her. So then I decided to go to the hospital as well, with my brothers; Uga and Bhimo.

Just right when we got there, Mom called again. I heard she cried. She told me that my Tante Elta had just passed away. I ran to the ICU room, and there were bunch of people. Looked sad, of course. I came after my uncle Oom Tjoesi (husband of Tante Elta), hugged him and let him cry for a while. Many were crying out loud. It was awful. After almost an hour, my dad asked us to go to the cafeteria to get something to eat.

Not even a minute after we sat there, the driver called Mom. Mom looked a bit shocked. Apparently, the driver just got at our home and found my grandmother (sit, gray hair with orange dress) stayed still. Didn't breathe, and no more heartbeat either. We were panic, and went home right away.

Another sad scene, at the exact same day. We lost two people at the same day. I had a great time in the morning, and it turned out to be an awful afternoon afterward.

I cried this morning at the funerals. But anyway, life goes on. It just feels good to share, you know...

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