June 16, 2008

Do Some Fun at Dufan

These snaps were taken July 21, 2007 at Dunia Fantasi. This amusement park is located in Ancol, Jakarta. I love Dufan. I love amusement park. But the sad thing is, I don't really have any friends that would go there with me like once a month or something. Haha. Don't know, maybe it's just me who's being too childish - still loving these kinda things. Oh, you're asking about those moment we took? Well, actually, my friends wanted to go to Dufan so they could take lotsa snaps of us in a very colorful background. Yea. Just that. We had a good times, of course. But, more photo session than playing! Hahaha... (Pssst. You can check the other snaps in here and there...)

Oh, ya. By the way, it has become my dream since I was a kid to go to Disneyland. Even when, someday, I'm old already, I still wanna ride some jet coaster! And, yea, whatever that makes my adrenaline pumped, of course! :D

*Some photos are taken by Tria, some by Michele, and some by myself*

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