June 18, 2008

Poppies Lane II

Where are Kuzz, Pablo and Jerink?

Both were taken for Superman Is Dead's "Bad Bad Bad" sleeve CD cover.
Love the looks and setting. Taken in 2002.

Jerink, Dade, Jewel & Chantal at the ol' Suicide Glam store in Poppies.
There were still the Twice CD Shop!

L to R: Dethu, Yenny & Nyoman Bond-Neng

Sadix. Now he has become the bar's manager!

Devildice. Back in early 2004.

Poppies Lane II is where I spend the most of my time when I'm in Bali. Back in 2002, it was all - of course - different. Now they've built many buildings, and there are so many nice stores and nice cafes as well. Changes in good, as always. But I still sometimes miss the old Twice Bar. Or maybe, just the old moments, eh? :D

Eh, take a look at the snap of the new look of Twice Bar. Beautiful, ja?

*some pictures were taken by me, some are just my collection from the ol' days, and the 2 newest snaps were from Dex

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