August 10, 2008

Pasar Blok M

Bubur Ayam Bandung

Old man in front of an old building

Again, old man in front of an old building

Ketupat Sayur Padang

It was Wednesday, very early in the morning when I asked Brutus to go out somewhere to find something for breakfast. We finally ended up in Pasar Blok M. I've never been there that early. It was, uhm, around 6.15am, if I'm not mistaken. I just knew that there is a huge space of snack market. They sell wide variety of the so-called jajan pasar. From cookies, cakes, snacks, nasi kuning, gudeg Jogja, and pempek Palembang.

We walked around and found this ketupat sayur Padang. It was Brutus who told me about it. I've never tried it before. The color was kinda pale, unlike the other lontong sayur I used to eat. So, we ordered 1 portion; so we could share. The taste was surprisingly very good! The ketupat has a good quality. And they're using fern tips as the veggies. It still had a crunch-kinda-bite. Love it so much. And the small-ball-look-alike perkedel kentang was also fabulous. For 1 portion plus 5 perkedel kentang, 1 telur balado and 1 rendang daging, it costs us only 14K. Damn! I should come back again later. After walking around for a while, I decided to stop by at this kakilima who sells Bubur Ayam Bandung. I ordered 1, but nothing was special except the fact that they gave a generous amount of shredded chicken, liver and gizzard. I was actually about to wait until 9am because there is a very small shop in Pasar Blok M that sells a very delicious milk named Susu Surya. And I want it so bad! But Brutus had many things to be done in the workshop so we had to go back soon after I finished my bubur ayam. Ah, Susu Surya... I'll come back again soon to grab you! *drooling*

Since it was my 4th day with the new camera, I brought it with me all the times. And I took some snaps. Not the fabulous ones. But I think they're pretty good as I'm just a newbie. Hehehe :D

Picture: Me. Who else? Hahah!


revdeckster said...

awesome photography ! and coverage !

Ade Putri said...

Thanks, bang Dex! You're the one who taught me how to snap objects, remember? :D Now Gita is also going to teach me some more. So you both are my guru. Ceileee :)

revdeckster said...

he he he....tinggal rajin rajin main F NUMBER ama Focal length aja nee....he he he.....keren keren......secara jij juga demen nulis....i think u'll be good journalist !