October 6, 2008

Albothyl The Savior

In Indonesia, we call it "sariawan". Me, as I'm having a very dry sense of joke (whoa, yay!), I call it "cloud essence", because "sari" in English is "essence", while "awan" is "cloud". So, the free-style translation would be "cloud essence", rite?

However, I found it quite hard to find what it is in English. In wikipedia, some of them say it's called "stomatitis aphtosa", or "canker sores". Whatever.

What I wanna post here is just about this mini sized bottle named Albothyl. It is my savior. I got attacked by sariawan at least once a month. But this thing saves me all the time. Put some drops in a cotton bud and stick it to the sariawan area. You'd feel like someone is slapping at you very hard for a while, but less than an hour after that, you'll forgot of what has happened.

Surprisingly, you can also use Albothyl for something else. Just read the inserted leaflet :D

Photo taken by myself.