October 28, 2008

Mampang Cuisine

Picture edited, inspired by the TV show "Allez Cuisine" back in year (uhm, I guess) 2004 in a local TV station, Indosiar :D

Brutus has just bought a stove a few weeks ago after he received a package from Desu: packs of Alleycat's delicious pate and sausage. Soon after he got the stove, we bought some other kitchen wares. A simple ones, just to make us able to cook. Ah, going to the shop is now something even more fun than ever. Cooking something for Brutus is always fun. He's easily pleased by any scrumptious foods, while I'm easily excited to see him cheered up.

Now it's more than just fukken plain instant noodle. I've done some experience with the pate and stuff. Now I can also make some canapes. A very nice ones, for sure.

Picture snapped by Brutus, taken with his cellphone camera.

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Veroland said...

yayayaya! me like eat!! hehehe more more hehehe yayayaya! good food !!