January 31, 2009

Who Has The Biggest Brain?

These are the games I play the most in Facebook.

The first is "Who Has The Biggest Brain", which the name obviously shows what this game is all about; testing your brain ability. It contains a series of mini games; testing your analytical ability; calculating; brain memory; and visual processing ability.

My result is quite nice. The only one I'm fucked up at is, yea - you know it, brain memory. But the rest, I can work on 'em. It's really good that nowadays we can challenge any friends. It makes it more fun to me. Yea, I love to compete in such a things like this. I mean, it's just a game anyway. Why can't we make something fun from it? ;)

The second one is "Pet Society". So first we had to create a pet; decide of what they would be like, and give it a name. The game is actually just like living a life; we do something to get some coins to buy food. Will also have to take a bath and socialize. When you got coins, you can also buy stuff for your house. Nothing special actually. But somehow, once you play it, you can get addicted.

Hey, you have Facebook account? Then try search for these 2 games. Or you might gonna like other games from Playfish; there are "Word Challenge", "Bowling Buddies", "Geo Challenge", or the newest one, "Mini Golf Party". Happy playin!

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