February 20, 2009

Don't You Just Love Soda Ice Cream?

I do. I do love Soda Ice Cream!!

In Surabaya, East Java, ice cream parlour is like everywhere! And what I love about it is that most of the places are selling the ol' skool kind of ice cream. Do you know what kind of ice cream I'm talkin' about? The texture is just different from the nu skool kinda ice cream (e.g. Häagen-Dazs®, Baskin-Robbins, Ben & Jerry, etc.). It's less creamy, and less soft. It's more like ice cream on stick - I mean the texture. And they have typical varieties that most ol' skool ice cream has; mocca, tutti frutti, rum raisin, pistachio, and nougat. Don't expect fancy ones like, e.g., Pralines n' Cream, Jamoca Almond Fudge, or Chocolate Fudge Brownie. You won't find any.

Anyway, back to the Soda Ice Cream. These ice cream parlours in Surabaya, always have Ice Cream Soda in their menu list. Even in some restaurant, they have it in their menu list as well! Oh, wow. I bet Surabaya's weather is too fukken hot so the people are really into Ice Cream Soda? It's good, though. Soda Ice Cream is indeed non-arguably refreshing and delicious!

So, whenever you have time to go to Surabaya, check out those ice cream parlours. Zangrandi and Boncafe are the most well known. Both have terrific ice creams. I usually order Vanilla Soda Ice Cream. You can also try to order their home made slagroom (slagroom is whipped cream, in Netherlands). Zangrandi has their famous signature ice cream, Macedonia, which you might wanna try, too. Omigod. I'm pretty sure that I'm now quite confusing you since I got too many good things to share, eh? No need to worry. Just order 'em all. You will never regret it as the deliciousness will definitely spoil your appetite :)


love submarine said...

wah macedonia zangradi favorit gue pas sma tu.. add a little bit more vodka :D

Ade Putri said...

Bukannya aslinya emang udah ada liquor-nya ya? Is it vodka? Gue sih kurang 'mengenali', tapi emang, enak banget yahhh! Ada nggak Zangrandi di Jakarta, Donz?

love submarine said...

iya, isinya vodka.. tapi cuman dikit, makanya ditambahin :D
jakarta ndak ada kayaknya, not that i know of.. eh ada sih tu ice cream enak di daerah deket monas situ, cant remember exactly where.. pokonya deket rel kereta api.. tapi kayaknya gak ada macedonia deh tu

Ade Putri said...

Ohhh, di Jl. Veteran. Itu Ragusa, Donz. Emang enak sih, tapi kalau boleh milih, gue masih prefer Zangrandi. Lebih banyak pilihannya dan service-nya masih bagus. Di Ragusa, belakangan suka mengecewakan. Tapi kalau di Jakarta ya, cuma itu pilihannya kan?

Eh ada ding Zangrandi di Jakarta; tapi cuma untuk beberapa item. Di Nusa Indah di Jl. KH Ahmad Dahlan; tempat jualan oleh2 itu deket Radio Dalam.

rizky mandra said...

Zangrandi rocks...!!! hwehehehe... iya tuh de, stau gw di jakarta emang cuma di Nusa Indah doang... yang Tutti Frutti mocca juara dunia dongs..!!