February 20, 2009

Condolence: For The Loss of A Best Friend

it was meant to be a charity show

then in became a show for the loving memory...

It's been more than a month after his death, January 17, 2009. Now, please allow me to write something to him, my dearest best friend.

Robin Hut Boy Atur Hutagaol
(September 8, 1973 - January 17, 2009)

He was born named Robin Hut Boy Atur Hutagaol. But most people know him as Robin Hutagaol, a.k.a. Robin Ish-kabible, a.k.a. Robin Noxa. Ish-kabible is a small shop of piercing & music merchandise. He owned the shop, with a big help of his life-time assistant and best friend, Joni. He was also in Noxa, a noxious grindcore band, as the drummer. And in between 2003 to 2005, I was involved in the band as their manager. Somehow, I considered our relationship was more into the friendship than the business itself. I spent many Saturday nights with him and some fellas, drinking boozes and laughin' together, watching girls (not me!) in malls, etc. Wing Dome in Citos was the place I hung out the most at that time.

Robin was a professional piercer. I met him in around 1999 when the shop has just moved from Bulungan to Cikini. I was about to pierce my eyebrow. That was the first time I met him. My first impression? Whoa! He was so damn quiet, and too serious for somebody in black costumes and lots of piercings like that. But, apparently, he was always like that when doing his job; piercing. Being professional, maybe. Dunno. He is, actually, a very friendly kinda person. And a very funny one, too! He loves to doodlebug people, and somehow people just love him for that. He is also a very caring person. When I was into something bad, he would talk to me and have me listened to him carefully, as if he is my own brother.

In 2007, if I'm not mistaken, he married Megawati Marbun, a sweet woman he met in the church - at least, that's what he told me. Oh, haven't I told you, Robin is a very religious person? He went to church to pray every Sunday. And even if Noxa had to play in new year's eve, he always asked me to have they played after 10pm because he had to go to the church first. He was also a very good son to his parent. He loved to help his mother in the kitchen sometimes. Sweet. It's even more sweet if you know how he looked like. Ok, let me describe him like this: Metal outfits. Black short pants. New rock shoes. More than 20 piercings. How hardcore could that be?

When he was about to go to Singapore, a few years ago, my sister asked him to buy her Barbie. Yea, I mean it, Barbie the doll! It was funny because I knew that he would be ashame of buying stuff like that in a department store. Not in his style like that, at least. But somehow he did it. He bought my sister a doll, even though he made a mistake, because what he got was Bratz, not Barbie. But still, you know, it was really something. Probably it's as hard as a straight to go to a gay bar. Some kind of.

Robin died of an accident. I don't have to write 'em all here. You can simply google for his name, Robin Hutagaol, and, please, believe me, you'll find thousands of stories about this good man. If you have Facebook account, you can also see his page. You'll see how lovable this guy was. He still is.

Robin Hutagaol.
He's a very nice friend. A very sweet husband. And a very good son.

He is one of a kind.

We all miss you.
Rest in peace, Bin.

*photo stolen from his Facebook*

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