March 4, 2009

Ade Putri for El Presidente

The election is going to be held sometimes soon in this year. I'm not really up to date about the exact time. Anyway, all the promotional banners are like everywhere. I mean, really, every-where! When I was still in Bali early January, and we went riding to small villages, I found so many, soooooooo many, banners. Every legislative candidate is trying to get everyone's attention so they can be elected.

So, instead of being in a legislative, I want to promote myself as the President. And here are some of the reasons I'd love you all to know;

I laugh too much. My life's just too fukken wonderful.
I need o be stressed a bit, just for fun.

I can't keep a secret. Most likely I'll tell anything to my boyfriend. Or sometimes to my girl friends. Sometimes to my mom. And sometimes to all the neighbors.

Hey, most people says they're good at keeping secret. They lied to you by saying that they would keep it a secret. But somehow, when they meet other people, they would say, "Ssssh, it's really a secret. You can't tell anyone. She is actually bla bla bla. Isn't it crazy?" Well, at least I don't lie.

Most of my friends are totally insane. I will definitely promote them as the ministers. Any kind of it.
Stupidos minister. Fashion minister. Hedonism minister. Liar minister. Tie-dye minister. Glitter minister. Noodle minister. Whatever you want, I can make it happen. Just for you - as long as you're happy. Dang!

I drink ice cold chocolate milk. Twice a day.

I can and I love make silly poses. I'm pretty famous for that.

I can make some treats for all of you that would vote for me.

There are actually several other reasons that I believe can convince you enough to vote me. But, errrr... Why don't I let you know sometimes later when I have more time?
As I've told you earlier, I write for my own pleasure. So... Mind you? :D

all pictures grabbed from Facebook

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