May 26, 2009


L to R: Andra, Vito, Cakra, Lilut

L to R: Andra, Vito, Cakra, Lilut

L to R: Andra, Cakra, Naya, Lilut

These pictures were taken on May 10th, 2009. It was my brother, Dimas Pandu's birthday, at my auntie's villa in Cibogo, Puncak.

Vito, Andra and Lilut are my long-lost-sister, Aya's, kids. It's quite hard to meet them these past few years. And the reason is just so stupid - which, sorry, I can't tell here.

Cakra is my sister, Lia's, son. He is a very genius li'l boy. He's almost 2 years old, but his cleverness shows like as if he's 4 or something. My son, Ammal, is his favorite cousin, as I think Cakra is Ammal's favorite one as well.

While, the other cute-but-shy girl in pink sweater is my bestfriend, Dana's dauhter; Naya. I love her as she is my own daughter.

Aren't they just so lovely?
By the way, I miss Aya's kids. I'm worrying so much about them. Pretty confusing, 'cause I don't know what to do about these kids. Ew!

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