June 3, 2009

Hate Malaysia: Why Should I?

A friend invited me to join a group in Facebook. Its name is, "We Hate Malaysia,,"
I declined the invitation.
But I did check on the page, before I decided to decline it.

Not racism, it's nationalism.

Oh, really? Owkay. I know nothing about the difference, so... Whatever.

Basically, people in the group mentioning about how Malaysia stole Indonesian culture, recipes, etc. Many violence case also happened to Indonesian labors who work in Malaysia. And, the last issue is about Manohara Oldelia Pinot, a 17 years old Indonesian girl who married a prince from Kelantan. It is said that Manohara has been abused by the prince husband, but she finally managed to run away from him.

Oh, well, here's my opinion...

Owkay. I know I didn't come to neither history nor sociology class that much. But I do believe that, somehow, if there are any similarity between some of Malaysian dance, for example, and Indonesian's, it might happen because we live neighboring. As also, for instance, in Java, we have many varieties of food named "garang asem". Jogja has its own style of garang asem, Semarang has its own, and some also have their own. And, how can we say, "Who invented it first?" So, I think that's what happened about the batik things and also some of the traditional dances that Malaysia has claimed as its original culture.

And then, about the violence cases and Manohara. I hate the persons who maltretes other human. But why should I hate Malaysia then? It's the person who did wrong, not the country. If what Manohara says about her abusing husband is true, then let's just hate him. Not his country.

I just don't like the idea of generalizing. As if one person did wrong, then everything around him/her can also be judged as the wrong one as well. Ew!
There are some bastards in my country; Indonesia. There are some assholes in Indonesia, too. Do they make us a bastard and asshole too, just because we're Indonesian? C'mon!

Spread the love.
Not the hate.


bang ciwir said...

yes, fight malaisiak NOW....

Ade Putri said...

I don't want to. It's so stupid. Why should we fight them? C'mon. Get a life. Moron.

Veroland said...

100% agree with you Ade!
and the only thing that we should do about that bitch, is stop paying attention on her!