December 21, 2010

My New Kustom Mixte

Drum roll, please... Meet my new kustom mixte :D Haven't gave this beauty a name, yet. Well, I ain't good in giving any. Any inputs and ideas would be highly appreciated, though.

Built at Rocket Company (located in SCBD area, Jakarta), this SOMA-based bike is a gift from my Blutusch. Not just gorgeous, the bike is convenient as heaven! This is the finest bike I have ever rode, let me tell you!

I'll post another pics later on ;)

PS: More info about Rocket can be found in

1 comment:

Hendy said...

Very lovely bike..., i got a plan to build a mixte bike too, actually i was tryin to find an idea to build it then i found your mixte pict. For my curiosity, did you repaint the bike at rocket company?,

Thanks and nice meeting you